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The mission of the Student Life Department is to have a vibrant campus that offers co-curricular activities all year round for the development of the students to become responsible citizens through various programs, student-run and university-led.


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Our goal is to empower students and help them learn new skills to reach their full potential. Our role is to guide them to be successful in all their life’s endeavors.

We offer students co-curricular activities, career services, events and other developmental programs. We design and tailor our programs to provide countless opportunities for students to develop their skills.

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Student Wellness Center

Students’ mental and psychological well-being is of great importance. The Student Life Office provides our students with the support they need to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We offer various services to help students overcome personal and mental challenges, understand themselves better, and discover their potential.


Career Development

We provide numerous opportunities to prepare students for the work environment through many seminars, resume building workshops, project management training, Work-Study Program, and internships opportunities. Our experienced team provides a wide range of practical services to aid students in their future careers.



University years are a valuable yet challenging time for students who play sports. The university works hard to support some discipline of athletic provisions. Our number one priority is to encourage students to lead a healthy lifestyle. We support them to have positive competitive spirits, develop team playing skills, and participate in community work. Our students are part of many sports teams.

Individual SportsTennis | Table Tennis

Sports TeamSoccer | Volleyball | Basketball | Handball

Fitness & Yoga Sessions


Student Residences

Student Residences is a safe, healthy, and accommodating environment.  At the Universities of Canada in Egypt’ Student Residences, we encourage independence, personal growth, and living-learning communities. Through various services and activities, the Residence Life Team encourages resident students to develop their individualism, academic success, community building, and cross-cultural experience. The Universities of Canada in Egypt operates an off-campus residence in the active compound of Al-Rehab City located in the heart of New Cairo. The Student Residences is 20 to 25 minutes away from the campus. We provide transportation services to all students.

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