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Our goal is to work with each student individually and help them acquire new skills to reach their full potential and be successful in all their life’s endeavors. We provide them with co-curricular activities, career services, and athletic programs. We support them academically and emotionally to develop well-rounded characters.

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Student Ambassadors Program

This program is dedicated to the Universities of Canada in Egypt’ students who interface with university programs that involve meeting dignitaries, university visitors, and representing the university in events and conferences.

The students are trained and prepared with the necessary knowledge and tools of a professional mindset to meet and greet visitors and present the brand of the university with character, confidence, and finesse.


Student Orientation and Peer Leaders

The mission of the orientation peer leader is to welcome new students to the university and ease their transition to university life in every aspect. The orientation team is not a student organization but rather a university program that is mandatory for the freshman students. Peer leaders are the heart of this program as they are the ones who help make the program informative yet fun and easy to absorb. Besides, they are responsible for many of the logistical details that happen on ground.


Student Union

The Student Union is an organization elected by the body of students to represent them before the administration. They provide services and advocate for the students whom they represent.

Services provided:
– Student Union Market
– Special Celebrations (Halloween, Christmas, Easter)


Student Clubs and Organizations

The Universities of Canada in Egypt fosters the culture of experiential learning by providing a venue for students to have their self-run organizations and clubs. Students can establish their organization by presenting their plan to an ad-hoc committee that convenes to guide the students on how to establish a club.

The current clubs on campus are:
– Music Band (Khashab W’Kahraba)
– Film and Theater Club
– Model United Nations (MUN)


English Volunteer Program

The Student Development Unit, in collaboration with the English Department, is calling for student volunteers to teach spoken English to the Universities of Canada in Egypt’s workers. The main aim of the English Volunteer Program, “Survival English”, is to help workers learn and improve their spoken English to be able to interact with the English-speaking community on campus as part of their empowerment. The program aspires to bridge the communication gap through entertaining and interactive methods and ways of learning. It is an excellent opportunity to engage in community service activities on campus, which builds towards university contribution and enhances soft skills.


International Peer Leaders

An International Peer Leader are responsible for:

– assisting and serving newest international students as they transition to life in Cairo, Egypt
– staying in touch with their assigned student/s by email before they arrive
– answering their questions about life at the Universities of Canada in Egypt
– meeting, greeting and welcoming them once they arrive in Cairo
– providing aid to new international students, where it may include moving students into the Student Residences, leading or familiarizing them with shopping outlets and campus tours
– leading small group discussions and activities during orientation sessions
– following up with international student/s at least 3 times during the semester


Workshops and Training

– Fundraising
– Leadership
– Team building
– Project management
– Soft skills training


Gateway Program

The Gateway Program is an additional resource that provides additional support and encouragement and is available to both new and returning students at UPEI. It helps students establish strong habits from the start – Time-Management, Organization, Mentoring, Effective Study Strategies, Access to Resources, and more!

All UPEI, Cairo Campus students are eligible to participate in the Gateway Program. However, it is mandatory for first-year students who scored between 65-69.9% in the admission requirements.

Students who enter the university with a 65-69.9% average will automatically be enrolled in the Gateway Program, and must:

– enroll in 1-3 academic courses in each semester of their first academic year of study
– attend mandatory mentoring sessions for the academic year
– attend mandatory tutorial and other support programs as provided for the academic year
– pass with a cumulative GPA above 1.7 (not be placed on probation) to have a full load coursework after the completion of the first academic year. Students who fail to achieve this will continue in the program with a maximum of 3 academic courses until they have a cumulative GPA above 1.7

Programs Components:

1- Workshops
2- Individual Meetings with the Program Coordinator
3- Peer Mentoring

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