Rana Elharty


Student Development Manager


Rana Elharty has been in the field of Education for the past 19 years in Egypt. In specific the area of Student Affairs. She held different positions in various capacities across many Student Affairs divisions. She started as International Officer for six years then moved to Student Life for four years then Student Development for seven years. She has a master’s degree in educational leadership from the American University in Cairo, whereby she realized the need for finding common ground between theory and practice.

Rana Elharty joined the Universities of Canada in Egypt since its first semester. She believes that she can bring about all her experience to create Student Life in a new campus. Although she considers it a challenge, yet she realizes that with every problem usually comes a vast array of opportunities. She realizes that for a university to be successful, the students should be at the heart of its mission. With her extensive experience in international student development practices, she can translate the International benchmarks to our campus seamlessly.

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