Irine Roshdi


EAP instructor, English Department


Irine is an English Literature MA Candidate in the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. She also held an English Literature bachelor’s degree from Ain Shams University and was appointed the Ideal Student for the English Department in 2015.

Irine worked as a trainer, training developer, and a career development specialist at the Employability and Career Development Center, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. While being the official speaker for the career center, Irine was responsible for planning and implementing the media presentations and employer relations and communications in the center and the university.

Irine is a professionally certified trainer from Mentarcise, Egypt, and TRACCET, Canada.  She worked as a training developer at Aspire for Experiential Consulting Solutions. Irine has also worked as a public relations specialist in foreign affairs with the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate.  She coordinated the first InfoBionics master’s degree program in Egypt in cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy in Egypt and the University of Pazmani Peter in Hungary.

Being fond of training and education, Irine has taken on many different roles within the educational sector and believes in the power of literature in changing human life in general. She firmly believes that any human, if given the proper education and a chance, would give a lot to the country and help improve any community.

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