Aug 20, 2019

First Fundraising Workshop at UofCanada!

On March 28th,

one of the first fundraising workshops by Shady Shendy was held at UofCanada to teach the students how to pursue a fundraising career.

Shady Shendy is a Benefactor at a fundraising agency. He has been working in the fundraising field since 2012. Shady is a Mechanical engineering student at AUC. One of his achievements in the fundraising industry is the highest fundraising record at AUC; 1.2 million EGP in one year!

Shady presented a made-belief event called the sugar factory that took place in May and the teams pretended that they were the ones planning this event. The students split up into 3 groups and came up with different ways to approach different sponsors for the event. Each team came up with a plan that included a list of potential sponsors and in the end, they shared their plan along with their potential sponsors.

The students brainstormed together what would be the benefits and value each time can offer to those sponsors. It was good training for the students to know what they can offer in the business world.

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