Aug 20, 2019

Business vs. Engineering Competition!

On March 21st,

in The Sustainability 1410 the students from all majors, Business and Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Design Engineering and Science and Innovation had the opportunity to work for six consecutive weeks upcycling rice straws into a sustainable paper. Students had to use their creativity to think of a marketable and innovative product to produce using those papers.

Each group consisting of 6-7 students came up with multiple ideas and chose their best ones to present in their final presentation. The students had the decision of who had the best idea.

In first place was a group that came up with an idea of making a book that tells stories about people. In second place was a group that created a drawing on paper of cartoon characters.

Overall, it was a very interesting and a new experience for all the students, especially business major students since they don’t really spend time in the lab. They have expressed their gratitude to what they have done in this project and they cannot wait for what comes next for them to offer in their next project when they have to make soap out of used cooking oil!

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