Feb 26, 2020

2020 Diamond Challenge at UofCanada!

On February 8th, 2020,
UofCanada hosted for the first time the Diamond Challenge 2020.
The Diamond Challenge is a unique three-day conference, powered by the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship. It provides high school students from around the world with the opportunity to put their entrepreneurial spirit at work and pursue their passion. Founded in 2012, Horn Entrepreneurship is defined as the “creative engine for entrepreneurship education and advancement at the University of Delaware”. Its aim is to empower students through entrepreneurship education, regardless of the students future careers. It gives them the chance to create, capture and deliver value from the new ideas they generated. The Egyptian organizer, Arcadia, is specialized in entrepreneurship education programs for school students aging from 8-18 years old. They involved over 1,300 students and implemented more than 18 programs in 6 different cities in Egypt. They have been previously working with entities such as The United States Embassy in Egypt, The GIZ, Kidzania, Greek Campus in Assiut and more than 20 schools in Egypt, both national and international.
The Diamond Challenge goal is to unleash creativity, encourage a mindset of abundance and self-determination. Participants get to forge lifelong connections and develop new skills by learning from world-class speakers and entrepreneurs. By offering a $100,000 in cash prize, this innovative entrepreneurship competition helps students put their entrepreneurial ideas into action or supports them in pursuing higher education. Winners of the national competition get to join the finals of the international competition in the USA.
The Diamond Challenge 2020 reached a total of 250 students’ participation, all high schoolers from ages 15 to 18, competing with a total of 20 startups projects. Parents were also invited to witness the startups exhibition, support their children and attend the award ceremony. After an introduction talk about UPEI and its collaboration with UofCanada, the event opened with a welcome speech made by the United States Embassy in Cairo.
The winner was chosen by a 6-person jury, two of them from The Universities of Canada in Egypt, Dr. Hadia Hamdy (Vice President – Strategic Initiatives and Academic Development) and Mahmoud Fathi (Business Development Manager).
We would like to congratulate once again the winners of the Diamond Challenge 2020:

  • First place: Rebat, which will be joining the finals of the international competition in the USA and compete for the $100,000.
  • Second place: Spreading Happiness, won 8000EGP.
  • Third place: Planana, which won 4000EGP.

We would like to thank all the young talented and driven participants that made the Diamond Challenge 2020 possible.

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