Apr 05, 2020

1st Open House Webinar at UofCanada 

On April 9th, 2020, at 11:00 AM, UofCanada broadcasted its 1st Open House Webinar!


Our first webinar was well attended. This webinar aimed to provide a unique experience with in-depth information about our programs, active university life, and the detailed application process. Only an internet connection and a computer were needed to participate. 


Participants got the opportunity to hear from the following key representatives of UofCanada: 

  • Dr. Kim A Critchley – Provost of the UPEI, Cairo Campus
  • Dr. Hadia Hamdy – Vice President Academic Development
  • Kathleen Kielly – Director of Student Affairs and Registrar 
  • Clara Ryan – Post-Graduate Program Manager 
  • Few of our current students and parents 

Participants had the chance to ask questions or share their comments. Our moderators were present to handle all their inquiries instantly. They also got to enjoy waiving of their registration fees as an offer.


The webinar provided a deeper insight to UofCanada offerings by covering the following topics: 

  • An introduction about the Universities of Canada in Egypt and its first hosted branch campus, the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) 
  • The unique programs that UPEI Cairo Campus offers 
  • The admission requirements, scholarships, and student development 
  • The opportunity to transfer to the main campus and study in Canada 
  • The entrepreneurial approach, the co-op program, and other developmental programs

Stay tuned to find out when our next webinar will take place.

For any further inquiry, reach out to a member of our team by calling 16838 or emailing info@uofcanada.edu.eg

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