The Team

Faculty of Business

Dr. Hadia Abdel Aziz

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business

Andrew Dickinson

Program Director of the Faculty of Business

Dr. Marian Hani

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Noha Farrag

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Yasmine Abdelfattah

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Dr. Nesma Ammar

Adjunct Faculty of Marketing and Assistant Professor of Marketing

Clara Ryan

Post Graduate Programs Manager

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

Dr. Mohamed A. Salama

Assistant Vice President Academic Planning

Dr. Rasha El Shafei

Associate Dean for Sustainable Design Engineering Program and Head of Academic Mentoring Program

Dr. Brian A. Smyth

Program Manager

Dr. Amr Nassr

Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Gad

Assistant Professor of Physics

Faculty of Science

Dr. Ahmed Elsheikh

Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and Assistant Professor

Dr Ammar Mohammed Ammar

Part-time Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Amal Mohamed Abdelfattah

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Dr. Neven Abd ElAziz ElSayed

Part-time Assistant Professor

Essraa Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Part-time Lecturer of Chemistry

English Department

Maha Elhami

Interim Manager of the English Department

Patricia Walstrand

Academic coordinator

Daniel Bucolo

EAP Instructor & English 3810

Muhammad Anwar

English instructor UPEI 1010

Yasmin Shabana

English instructor UPEI 1010

Verena Yousseff

EAP support assistant

Reem Abdoelsaad

EAP instructor

Irine Roshdi

EAP instructor

Anastasia Simmons

EAP instructor

Student Affairs

Kathleen Kielly

Director of Student Affairs and Registrar

Rana Elharty

Student Development Manager

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