Faculty ofScience & Innovation

At the Faculty of Science & Innovation, we will prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s visionaries. Our program empowers students with an arsenal of skills such as algorithmic problem solving, computational thinking, and mathematical analysis that ensures their abilities are unique in the job market. Our teaching is highly practical and industry oriented; students apply their knowledge using cutting edge technology in close collaboration with the industry.

The Faculty of Science& Innovation offers a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with two majors:

  • Computer Science specializing in Video Game Programming
  • Analytics specializing in Data Analytics


Specialization in Computer Sciences: Video Gaming Programming




Did you know?

9 out of the top 25 jobs in the world are computer science jobs!
Source: World Economic Forum


Computer Science is the language of the future. The Computer Science program at the Faculty of Science & Innovation is unique in Egypt in that it is the only one that offers a specialization in Video Gaming. Our graduates will become leaders in this field with no competition in sight. This focus is not only lucrative in terms of career prospects, but also a lot of fun to study!

Our program is packed with courses such as Computer Graphics, 2D and 3D Video Gaming Architectures, that offers students a unique learning experience.





V I D E O   G A M I N G   M A J O R




The Faculty of Science & Innovation offers a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science with a Video Game Programming specialization. Our program is built on a foundation of basic computer science courses, advanced mathematics, database systems, and software engineering. On top of this foundation, the program offers a comprehensive list of computer graphics and video game design courses. Through a comprehensive set of practice-based projects in collaboration with the industry, the students are empowered with the skills and knowledge that ensure they will be ahead of all competition. The students also get the chance to study a set of elective courses that diversifies their knowledge and enriches their university experience.




Computer scientists shape the future by using and inventing new technologies. At the Faculty of Science & Innovation, we encourage the students to release their innovative energy. We expose our students to state-of-the-art technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to make sure they are on the cusp of innovation. Our labs are equipped with the latest gadgets in human-computer interaction and video gaming.




To be a center of excellence for computer science in Egypt and the region. To empower our graduates to be the visionaries of the future. To make sure the next generation is ethically aware and socially responsible.




Be a part of the only university in Egypt that offers this specialization!




Our graduates have the chance to pursue any job in the computer science field. Our education ensures the graduates are of the top caliber. Whether it is software development, data science, software engineering, or web development, our graduates have the chance to be the best at their job. The graduates of the Faculty of Science & Innovation will be the only ones fully qualified for a lucrative career in the video gaming industry.


Specialization in Analytics: Data Analytics


D A T A  A N A L Y T I C S   M A J O R

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in data generation from virtually all industries. This has led to the rapid growth of the study of data science, which uses methods from mathematics, statistics, and computer science to extract meaningful information from raw data. Progress made in machine learning algorithms and computational processing powers has shown how data analytics can completely transform businesses and industries, leading to drastic improvement in efficiency and productivity. This has made data science and analytics the hottest area of job growth around the world.

Did you know?

Almost every market survey places jobs in data analytics among the top jobs in the world!
Source: World Economic Forum, Canadian Business Magazine 2016, Canada’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Council, US website glassdoor.com

Students in this major will study a foundation of computer science, mathematics, and statistics courses, as well as specialized courses in data science, machine learning, and data visualization.

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