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Program ofEntrepreneurship

The Program of Entrepreneurship provides a broad spectrum of education required for the new generation of leaders for business, governmental, and non-profit organizations. We guarantee that graduates exit with a comprehensive understanding of today’s global market, critical thinking methodology, strong communication skills, and technological applications.

Program ofComputer Science & Mathematics

The program of Computer Science & Mathematics provides a number of rich undergraduate courses that challenge students and their understanding of the world around them. This highly competitive, in-demand program encourages self-discovery, innovation, and research.

Program ofSustainable Design Engineering

The Program of Sustainable Design Engineering is for students who are eager to put their skills and knowledge to work. Graduates will be able to design innovative, targeted, and sustainable processes, products, and solutions that improve people’s lives and better society. Our students are part of a unique learning experience that is hands-on, team-focused, project-based, and industry linked.


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