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Admissions Are Now Open For The Winter/Spring Semester!

The winter/spring semester begins in February 2019 and the deadline for applications is Monday January 21st 2019. UofCanada has carefully selected degrees from top-ranking Canadian universities to bring a new type of world-class education to Egypt. Students applying for the Winter/Spring 2019 semester can choose between the exciting faculties of Science & Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Engineering & Design.

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Unmatched Potential

UofCanada hosts the branch campuses of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), Carleton University, and Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). Each of the top-ranked programs that these universities offer through the UofCanada branch campus in Egypt is identical to the program they offer to Canadian students in Canada.

At the end of their program students studying at one of the branch campuses hosted by UofCanada in Egypt will be granted exactly the same degree as students studying in Canada. So, for example, a student studying business at UPEI’s branch campus hosted by UofCanada will earn the same business degree as a student attending UPEI in Canada.

This means students will graduate with a Canadian degree recognized around the world. The degree is also accredited in Egypt and recognized by the Syndicates. What’s more, students studying at a branch campus hosted by UofCanada can transfer and study in Canada. Students simply leave their classes in Egypt and pick them up again seamlessly in Canada.

Why ChooseUofCanada


Canadian Universities

A hosting campus for many universities, offering a wide selection of competitive programs.


Canadian Degree

Graduates will receive the same accredited degree as a student studying in Canada.


Canadian Professors

Canadian professors make up 50% of the overall faculty.


Study in Canada

Students have the chance to transfer to the Canadian campus of their university at any point in time.


Co-op Opportunities

Students and graduates will be given the chance to work in Canadian and Egyptian businesses.

A Message from the President

On behalf of the University of Canada’s faculty, administration, and staff, I would like to welcome you to the University of Canada! 

It is my pleasure to lead an institution that empowers the next generation to have a significant impact on the social development and progress in their communities and beyond. 

If you would like to learn more please feel free to take a campus tour, send us an email, or give us a call at 16838.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!

Dr. Debbie MacLellan


Population: 4,317

University of Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Population: 28,289

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario

Population: 18,204

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John’s, Newfoundland


Explore Your Options with UofCanada

Faculty ofScience & Innovation

The Faculty of Science and Innovation provides a number of rich undergraduate programs that challenge students and their understanding of the world around them. These highly competitive, in-demand degrees encourage self-discovery, innovation, and research.

  • Computer Science & Video Gaming

    Demand for both video game designers and software developers has never been higher. Dive into the action and get hands-on practical experience with information systems design while learning the theoretical mechanisms and techniques behind them.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Analytics & Big Data

    Tackle the toughest business challenges with Analytics and Big Data. Students are taught how to master data science tools, big data technologies and business transformation techniques. Graduates from this program will be able to help governmental bodies, private entities, and technology firms get the most out of their data.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Financial Mathematics

    Students are taught analytical thinking skills that will help them adapt to new developments in their chosen careers. This program also teaches a diverse range of practical techniques in the field of Financial Mathematics. Graduates of this program will be able to provide solutions to complex problems using techniques developed from mathematics, statistics, and finance combined with an emphasis on business and economics.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Actuarial Science

    Actuarial Science is one of the most in-demand degrees in the world and graduates of this program can easily work in energy, e-commerce, enterprise risk-management, predictive analytics and many other areas. Actuarial Science students are taught to use predictions and computer-assisted research methods to assess risk in a variety of fields. This work has many critical applications including the detection of financial crime and accident prediction.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Climate Change

    This dynamic interdisciplinary degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the science, impacts, and politics of climate change. Students will be given the opportunity to conduct research and develop innovative ideas while working to understand the statistical distribution of global weather patterns. Graduates will be empowered to find the sustainable solutions of tomorrow in hopes of solving some of the Earth’s most critical challenges.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

    If you’d like to be notified when it is available click here

Faculty ofBusiness & Entrepreneurship

This school is structured to provide a broad spectrum of education required for the new generation of leaders for business, governmental, and non-profit organizations. We guarantee that graduates exit with a comprehensive understanding of today’s global market, critical thinking methodology, communication skills, and technological applications.

  • Accounting

    This program starts students on their journey to becoming a Charted Professional Accountant (CPA) and opens the door to a world of job opportunities. Multiple disciplines are introduced under the Accounting umbrella including auditing, taxation and accounting information systems.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Entrepreneurship

    An entrepreneurial mindset has become more important than ever and this program equips students to start their own companies or manage established businesses in a progressive manner. A framework of vital skills are developed during this program including analytical thinking, market research, problem solving, and new product or service creation.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Marketing

    Market research, consumer behaviour and international marketing are only a few of the themes taught in this program. The courses focus on introducing students to core marketing functions and provides them with an in-depth understanding of how marketing communications, sales, and brand management are all crucial to the success of any business.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Finance

    Qualify for a wide range of opportunities in public, private, and nonprofit organizations by studying Finance. This program prepares students for a high-powered career in commercial banking, money managing, financial planning, investment banking and so much more. Students obtain a solid understanding of financial concepts as well as qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills and rational decision-making practices.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • International Business

    Today’s connected world means that learning how cross-border business works is important for anyone who wants to work in business administration, trade, finance, or foreign policy. Students in this program learn to analyze how international relations, trade, and finance policies affect business decisions. Graduates will have a multi-disciplinary set of skills that enrich their understanding of global communication and collaboration.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Organizational Management

    This degree involves planning, organizing, strategic leading, and supervising of enterprises, organizations and companies in multiple industries. Students learn how to lead teams and develop effective skills in management which prepares them for management positions in education, business, nonprofit organizations and government entities.

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Masters of Business Administration – MBA

    With international AACSB accreditation, the Memorial University MBA degree tightly links case studies, seminars, and the expertise of professors into its academic curriculum. Thanks to exceptional practical learning and a diverse cohort of fellow students graduates have the skills needed to become future leaders and succeed in local or international business.

    Awarding University: Memorial University in Newfoundland. For more information visit the MUN MBA website at or send an email to

Faculty ofEngineering & Design

Like to build things and have an eye for form? The Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering is for students who are eager to put their skills and knowledge to work, designing innovative, targeted, and sustainable processes, products, and solutions that improve people’s lives and better society. Our students are part of a unique learning experience that is hands on, team focused, project based, and industry linked.

  • Sustainable Design Engineering

    This program stands out from all other engineering degrees thanks to its focus on creating solutions. Rather than simply focusing on theory, students are exposed from day one to a broad base of knowledge and practical skills in engineering science, natural science, and mathematics. Students in this degree program work in groups that simulate the engineering profession to tackle problems. The highly flexible learning environment that these groups work in is responsive to the dynamic needs of students and the industries that employ them.

    In addition to fundamental science, engineering science and mathematics courses, students are required to develop skills in engineering design, communication, analysis, project management, professional ethics and more. With a solid grounding in these fundamentals, students in Program Years 3 and 4 can enhance their technical knowledge by choosing an engineering focus area:

    Sustainable Energy
    Bio Resources

    Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

  • Masters of Engineering, Infrastructure Protection & International Security

    Increased radicalization and the increased frequency of extreme natural disasters mean that the need for infrastructure protection and international security has never been greater or more pressing.

    The Infrastructure Protection and International Security program (IPIS) at Carleton University addresses this need in a unique way by integrating the required engineering background with the necessary policy framework to provide graduates with the tools needed to ensure robust and safe infrastructure systems.

    This degree is coming to the Carleton University branch campus hosted by the University of Canada soon!

    If you’d like to be notified when it is available click here

Faculty ofArts & Design

The Faculty of Arts & Design will cover a wide range of subjects including performing arts, graphic design, and social science. This faculty will provide a solid education in the liberal arts, committed to rigorous study and inquiry, belief in the value of knowledge, lifelong capacity-building, and the development of the whole person.

  • Economics & Political Studies

    Get a better understanding of how governments operate and interact while learning about the effect of laws on political and social change. Students can choose to pursue a career in a wide range of fields including politics, business expertise, journalists or diplomats.

    This degree is coming to a University of Canada branch campus soon!

    If you’d like to be notified when it is available click here

  • Graphic Design

    Discover your creative side and generate designs that influence and inspire. Students will learn how to translate their ideas into design and digital media using typography, photography and illustration as problem-solving solutions.

    This degree is coming to a University of Canada branch campus soon!

    If you’d like to be notified when it is available click here

  • Performing Arts

    This degree provides students ample freedom to discover their own unique style and translate it into a career in acting, comedy, dancing, songwriting, choreography, or stagecraft.

    This degree is coming to a University of Canada branch campus soon!

    If you’d like to be notified when it is available click here

Admission & Tuition Fees


Apply to Egypt’s first international Canadian branch campus and strive to become a community leader and innovator.

  • Admission Requirements

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Tuition, Accommodation & Scholarships

UofCanada has competitive tuition & fees, please expand for additional information.

  • Tuition, Accommodation and Fees

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    Accommodation rates for UofCanada’s dorms can be found here.

    For information on busses, financial aid, and more please visit our information page.

  • Scholarships

    UofCanada is proud to offer scholarships for deserving students. For the latest information please click here.

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